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Miracle Mineral Supplement and Your Immune System


Miracle Mineral Supplement claims to actually provide your immune system with a boost equal to a new lease on life, and attributes all this to the benefits of chlorine dioxide. 

It's very changeableness, which makes it so dangerous when used externally, is what makes chlorine dioxide so effective when it connects with pathogens.  Since chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective disinfectant used in municipal water systems, hospitals, and even, in some cases, bioterrorism responses, the concept with Miracle Mineral Supplement is that it can be just as helpful working in the waters of the human body.

Because of its high volatility, chlorine dioxide is able to keep pathogens from developing a resistance to it.  The reason for this is because once it reaches the pathogens and "clashes," with them, the pathogens are entirely destroyed.  Still, all healthy cells and any good bacteria remain unaffected. Please visit here if you are seeking a place to purchase this product

It is simply too much for normal levels of oxygen in the blood to annihilate all of the pathogens which exist in the body when disease is present, chlorine dioxide can and does change all of that, putting the disease on the defensive as it beats it down.

Destruction of Electrons

Upon contact with a harmful pathogen, chlorine dioxide immediately attacks, tearing as many as five electrons from the pathogen at one time, in what is basically a microscopic explosion.  Humans will not be harmed by this in any way, but it's good-bye pathogens.  Unable to defend itself, the pathogen is incapacitated because of the loss of its electrons.  Then, oxidized by the chlorine ion, it is turned into salt.

This is a process which serves to help a body that has turned toxic a great deal.

This amazing process takes place in the body, every part where chlorine dioxide ions -- which are transported by red blood cells -- meet up with the pathogens. Pathogens are forced to surrender their own electrons and can no longer exist as pathogens.  Chlorine dioxide cells only act to destroy pathogens that include harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, and toxins.  The good bacteria and healthy cells remain untouched.

Also for your information, if the chlorine dioxide were to encounter no pathogens or other toxins in the body, it will not turn on the body and damage it in any way.  Instead, it deteriorates and becomes simple table salt, or in some cases, hypochlorous acid, which the body will be able to use as well.

In addition, one last thing there have been plentiful scientific studies which have conclusively shown that chlorine produces no harmful compounds once it enters the body.